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At SOS Wilderness Survival Inc. we will continue to research and refine survival skills and techniques to offer you the best and latest in training. While we strive to provide you with the best of service, we will customize a course to suit your needs if you register a group of five or more people. Dates can also be changed if they do not interfere with dates that are already booked.

All registered guests must complete a "Release and Waiver Form" and a "Medical Form" prior to attending any of our courses.

If you plan to book a holiday with us, please Book Your Course to secure the desired dates. We will require full payment one month prior to course dates. The deposit is refundable prior to course dates if unable to attend. Groups are limited to 8 guests per course (minimum of three people) to better serve you, so book your adventure soon.

Call (306)369-7875 and leave a message if you are unable to complete the call since we are occasionally out of service areas.

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