What to bring

Preparation Notes

We practice fire building daily with participation from all guests. Our fire building activity may be subject to fire hazards, but we will still cover materials and techniques.

What to Bring

We operate during every season of the year and supply everything required for instruction for the duration of the course. Although we provide generic First Aid Kits, you may still have to bring some personal medications and supplements. The following is a list of personal items which we recommend for your comfort and safety



Camera (All seasons) Survival Knife (Optional) At Least Three-Season Sleeping Bag and mattress pad
Wool Socks Survival and First Aid Kit (Optional) Layers of Light Wool Sweaters
Light Back Pack (All seasons) Thermal Moisture-wicking Underwear Weather Proof Outer Shell (Parka)
Toilet Tissue Wool, Fleece, or Insulated Pants Light Leather Gloves and Insulated Mittens
Water Bottle Warm Winter Boots for Deep Snow SunGlasses (All seasons)
Cooking Pot with Lid and Handle  Non-perishable food for three or five days  


Water Bottle Rain Suit or Poncho Toilet Tissue
Cooking Pot with Lid and Handle Extra Clothing for Cool Evenings Long Sleeve Shirt
Insect Repellent Rubber Boots or Waterproof Hiking Boots  
Sun Block Lotion Flashlight  Non-perishable food for three or five days
Contact us for more information about our training outline and survival materials.

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